National Poison Prevention Week At Home Safety Checklist

Our Take

We spend so much of our lives at home, so it needs to be a safe place to be. This includes everything from fixing and removing tripping hazards to keeping stairs clear of clutter to keeping flammable items away from flames and heat. Another important safety precaution that everyone should take is keeping any and all poisonous substances in closed cabinets, away from food and in places that children cannot reach them. Think about all the cleaning and beauty products that could potentially be poisonous if they were consumed by someone in your home. Read labels when you do this. Some items may be more harmful then you realize. Then designate a place for all of them that children cannot easily access and that is away from food. If your only option is a low cabinet or one children might be able to climb up to, make sure you put a child safety lock on the cabinet. In addition to keeping poisonous products out of the way, you need to educate your children about the products and the harm they can cause. Keep in mind, you could do everything right and something could still go wrong. Just in case this does happen, make sure you keep important phone number close at hand, like poison control. The key to home safety is to think ahead, find the proper place for all items and always be prepared in case something does happen. Feel safe at home and worry less!

Children are naturally curious, move quickly and explore the world with their mouths. The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is inspiring action among parents to take charge, handle and properly store laundry packets. Visit for critical information on laundry safety.

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