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Proper Waste Disposal For Prince Georges County, MD

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Every county, or city in some places, have their own polocies and proceedures when it comes to properly disposing of waste. Over the next few months we will bring you the information you are looking for starting with Prince Georges County in Maryland. 

Prince Georges has a landfill at Brown Station Road. 
11611 White House Road
Upper Marlboro
(301) 952-7625

If you have a truck full of waste you are able to bring it to this site if you are a resident or business owner in the county.  Make sure you have proof of residency ready to show them when you drive into the landfill. This facility can also accept a variety of recyclables, including those hard to get ride of electric recyclables. You can bring items like old tires, yard waste and old appliances as well. However this facility will not accept most demolition and construction debris. Dropping off waste does not come for free though. For a full fee schedule and a list of all the items that they will not accept at this facility, visit the link below. 

If you don’t feel like driving to the dump or don’t have a way to transport your waste you can schedule a bulk pickup for large items curbside at your home. You can schedule the pick up online here or give them a call at (301) 883-4748. 

Yard waste is picked up at the same time as your regular trash pick up, however you have to have it in the proper container. The county will no longer accept yard waste in plastic bags or cardboard boxes. You need to place it in either paper yard waste bags or a collection can and you need to make sure they are properly labeled so that they end up in the right place. 

Hazardous waste should not be thrown out with your regular trash. This includes items such as car batteries, florescent light bulbs, poison, and old fire extinguishers. These products and more need to be taken to the landfill to be properly disposed of. This area of the landfill is only open Thursday-Saturday, so you need to plan ahead. It is free to dispose of hazardous waste so there is not reason to place any items on this hazardous waste list in your trash. Just think about your community and neighbors. 

If you have additional questions about disposing of waste in Prince Georges County, Maryland, visit the site below and you can scroll through all of their information. They even tell you how to properly dispose of old medication that you might have in your home. 

A division of the Department of the Environment, the mission of the Waste Management Division is to manage the collection, recycling, reduction and disposal of municipal solid waste in an efficient, cost-effective and safe manner, while complying with all Federal, State and local regulatory requirements.

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