Simple Patio Decorating Ideas: Throw Pillows and Spray Paint

Having a beautiful patio space you can enjoy all summer is an important part of a relaxing home. It is just as important for that patio design to be a functional space and simple to create. The article below highlights a number of unique options to make your patio one of a kind, even if you rent your home. Not having the ability to make permanent changes to a space does limit your options but it does not mean you can’t have a space that reflects your personal style. A lot can be done with patio tiles, spray paint, reclaimed furniture and outdoor pillows. Before you get too far into the project you should take a look at the over all space and decide what each area of your patio and yard should be used for. Do you want a fire pit, an area for you family to gather, or a bar area? Knowing what needs to fit in the space allows you to plan, find the right furniture items and create the right vibe for the entire patio and backyard. Patio decorating is something that you can defiantly tackle yourself. Just find inspiration, put together a plan and attack.

Creating an appealing outdoor space doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure, it’s great if you can build a split-level deck with a gazebo and a water feature. But that’s not for everyone, and for people who rent their homes, that might not even be an option. So let’s keep it simple. Anna Lisemeyer, …


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