Test Your Soil! 1st Rule of Gardening.

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You planted your garden this spring and you have been checking on your plants every day to see what progress they have made. The day that they give you delicious vegetables is just around the corner. But then you notice some of the plants are not growing as well as expected. The internet is a great resource to find answers for all of your gardening problems, however before you start following general gardening advice that you find online, you should test your soil. You could just be wasting your money trying to save your plants if you don’t have all the information you need before you begin. The main thing you are testing for is the pH level of your soil. Different plants thrive in different pH levels, so don’t just test one spot. Once you know the pH level, you can learn if it is causing any of the issues your plants are having. Knowing the pH level of your soil will also help you to determine the best fertilizer for your soil. If you continue reading the article below it will breakdown how to read fertilizer packaging so that you know what you are buying. Besides fertilizers, there are other items, like leaf compost, that can also help to change your pH levels over time. These actions may take longer to correct your soil, but they can also be more natural. You may think that taking time to test your soil is a waste, but you need to think about the money you will save and of course the flourishing plants that your garden will start to produce.

With gardening you learn something new every year. I am an avid reader of gardening blogs, YouTube, and garden Web forums. So, when I hear add eggs shell, Epsom salt, and everything under the sun to to my soil, it peeks my interest. I too want a HUGE harvest. Last year for some unknown reason, […]

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