The 8 Best Weekend Projects for Your Apartment

Our Take

If you aren’t one of the 33 million Americans that are hitting the road this Memorial day weekend, enjoy the time you won’t be spending in traffic by tackling some of those projects you have always wanted to do in your apartment. DIY or any type of home project isn’t as easy when you are a renter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to make the space yours. In some cases you should be checking with your landlord first. For example if you are going to be painting walls, see what your lease says about it first. You could probably complete all eight of the project listed below in this three day weekend. None of them require too much skill, but they should all make you feel like the space you are living in is your own. Storage is generally a problem when living in an apartment, find some creative ways to create more of it for that winter gear you don’t need any more. If you see a bare spot on your wall that is just begging to be filled, get artistic. Create a master piece in any form you can and hang it up, ever if your skill level doesn’t go past finger painting. Bottom line is to enjoy the extra time you have this weekend because you decided not to spend it sitting in a car.

It’s amazing how even the smallest of weekend projects have the ability to refresh and renew your apartment. Maybe you’re moving into a new place and looking for ways to make the space your own. Or, perhaps you’ve lived in the same apartment for years, but gradual wear and tear has signaled a need for a re-design.

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