The Important Steps of Hurricane Preparedness

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The news of a hurricane possibly hitting landfall on the east coast has everyone’s minds racing around thinking, what should we do to get ready? If you have never been through a hurricane before, and hopefully you haven’t, you may be at a loss for where to start. First, it is important to stay calm and just think about what you need to do to prepare. You never know what path nature is going to take, so there is not use guessing. Next, go around the outside of your home and bring in anything that might get blown away or cause damage in the strong winds. This includes things like loose siding and tree branches that may get blown off. You should also clean out gutters and drains to ensure that all the rain water has a place to go. Flooding is a common issue that comes along with hurricanes. An additional home preparedness step you can take is to cover doors and windows to protect them from flying debris. You can also buy a generator in case the storm causes power outages for an extended period of time. In addition to the actions you are taking to prepare your home from the storm, think about your belongings inside. Back up your computer, protect photos and family heirlooms. Go to the store and buy flashlights, water in case drinking water get contaminated, and of course foods that you can enjoy even without the power to heat them up. We all hope for the best when a hurricane is in the area, but you also need to prepare for the best results. The article below provides valuable information on further steps that you should take to to get ready for any potential storms.

This page explains what actions to take when you receive a hurricane watch or warning alert from the National Weather Service for your local area. It also provides tips on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane.

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