To Rake or Not to Rake, that is the Question

Raking up the leaves in your yard has always been synonymous with fall. Creating large piles of leaves and jumping in them with your kids is a tradition that many families cherish every year. What if raking up those leaves wasn’t the best thing for your yard? There is a lot of debate on if you should rake them or leave them. On the one hand clearing the leaves can help prevent disease in your yard, while on the other there are environmental issues that go along with disposing of the leaves in your yard. The articles below will help you decide what you want to do with your leaves, as well as help you prepare your yard for the winter and next spring.

7 Fall Landscaping Tips

Normally I don’t anticipate Tuesdays (it’s meeting day ’round here), but this one is different because it marks the first day of fall. Like many of you, fall is easily my favorite season of the year. October in the Smoky Mountains is visual poetry, the air begins to turn crisp, cornhole bags fill the air at […].

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Is there a Right Way and Wrong Way to Rake Leaves?

There’s more to fall raking than just removing leaves and pine needles: there’s also thatch to be removed. Thatch is the layer of dead turfgrass tissue between the green vegetation and the soil surface that must be removed, or “dethatched,” to maintain lawn health. Consequently, there is a right way and wrong way to rake your lawn in the fall:

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The Pros and Cons of Raking Leaves

The benefits of raking leaves in the fall usually outweigh the drawbacks, but what you do with all those leaves is another story. Like manure and other natural soil amendments, fallen leaves can be either a boon for the gardener or a potential environmental mess.

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