How to Keep Your Construction Site Clean

Whether you are build a new home or renovating an existing one, every construction project comes with a certain amount of stress. Contractors might come in over budget, specialists might get delayed, or the wrong fixtures might get delivered. Many of these things are out of your control, and have to be dealt with as they come up: but there are also things you can control, that will make a project go more smoothly and keep you as stress-free as possible.One of the most overlooked such area is construction cleanup.

Nothing is worse than checking out your finished or nearly-finished project only to find that the contractors have left a gigantic mess that they don’t seem to have any plan to clean up. So how can you keep things clean and easy?

The first step to an easy, smooth cleanup is to ask smart questions early in the process. Some contractors provide their own cleanup crew and the cost is rolled into their estimate, but this is unusual. More often they will offer to book a cleanup crew for a fee, or expect the homeowner to take care of this part of the job.

If you know exactly what your contractor intends to do at the end of your project, you will know whether their quote reflects the true cost of the job or if you will need to factor in extra money to get the site cleaned up. This is often an afterthought to contractors so they may not think to mention it unless you take the time to ask tough questions.

The next and most crucial step is to make sure you book a trash dumpster for the duration of the project. Again, some contractors will provide their own but this is rare. More likely you will need to rent a dumpster independently of the contractor.

This is an easy process but the mistake many people make is to wait till the end of the project to get the dumpster.If you do this your workers will be heaping up debris on your property the whole time they’re working. This can be hard (and costly) to clean up later, not to mention unsightly.You can have your dumpster dropped off at the beginning of the project and not picked up till after, and you will see a much cleaner job site.

If you take these two steps you will know from the beginning what to expect and your project will go smoothly. Inform yourself, get a trash dumpster and you’ll have one less thing to worry about!

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