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Delivery of a Roll Off Dumpsters

When you are renting a roll off dumpster, the surface underneath the dumpster isn’t the only concern when considering the location you will place your dumpster.  There are a number of things you have to take into account. These items include location access to your project, width and length of the space and the height clearance of the space.  One final thing you always need to consider is, do you need a permit for the place you want to leave the dumpster.  Permit policies are always different depending on where you live. It is best to look to your town or county’s policies for correct procedures.

When a dumpster is delivered it sits up on a top of a truck so you need to make sure you have enough clearance for both the height of the dumpster and the height of the truck.  One of the major concerns when deciding on delivery location is power lines.  Some companies are able to work around either a power line or cable line, but this is on a company by company bases so check before delivery.  Another item to consider is tree limbs.  To be safe make sure you have 15’ of clearance in the space your roll off dumpster will be placed.  If for some reason your dumpster cannot be delivered, you will most likely be charged a re-delivery fee. This is a question that you should ask your dumpster rental company before placing your order with them.

Clearance height is not the only space you should take measure of when choosing a roll off dumpster location. While delivery trucks can get into much tighter spaces then you might imagine, they still need ample room in front of the delivery space to pull the truck and unload the dumpster.  So when choosing your dumpster location look at how long it is as well. It needs to be longer then just the length of the dumpster you are renting.

Since renting a dumpster isn’t an everyday occurrence for most people there can be some uncertainty when choosing your delivery location. If you are still unsure about when to place it, talk to your dumpster rental company.  Sometimes they will come our for free or for a small charge and check your location in advance. This is a great safety precaution if you aren’t completely sure that your dumpster location is long enough and has enough clearance.

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