Dumpster FAQs: Permits Needed when Renting a Dumpster

When contemplating whether your home renovation or construction project is something you can tackle yourself, there are several different numbers you want to put together and include. More than likely a dumpster rental will be one of the numbers in the budget to consider along with tools and materials. This article will focus on the important dumpster FAQ “Will I need a permit for my dumpster rental?”

Local Municipalities have various standards and needs regarding dumpster permits and it is always best to check with them before moving forward. Obviously the need to obtain permits for your project increases costs slightly, but also helps keep the site safe and respected by your neighbors and local law enforcement. Here are some areas to look at when deciding if a permit is needed for your dumpster rental.


Construction sites located in a rural area with smaller populations and less traffic may require only a permit or two, if any, for your dumpster rental. Suburban and Urban communities have a larger number of codes and policies and therefore may require an increased number of dumpster permits.


Placing the dumpster on your own property may decrease the need or at least the cost of the permit. If you need to put your dumpster on the street or sidewalk you will definitely require a permit. Fortunately, suburban and urban communities are experienced at helping private citizens obtain these types of permits. You will want to search Public Space Permits, specifically the Temporary Occupancy category for Dumpsters or On Street permits. Generally it will be found in the local transportation dept.


Most local dumpster permits operate on a monthly basis. If your rental is only for several days make sure you are specific when speaking with the permits office. Depending on your location, there may be a very inexpensive alternative to the month permit. However, whatever the length, do not go past the date you have paid for. There is often a chance to update or even upgrade the permit, but you usually have to go down in person to do this. It is certainly common for a project to take longer than you originally anticipated, but don’t let it snow ball with fines. And if you want to be really safe, go ahead and get the slightly longer permit to start off with.


Building permits are required for many renovation projects. Check on public space and temporary occupancy permits when heading down to your local Dept. of Transportation or government permits office check out what you need.

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