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Which Dumpster Sizes And Types Are Best For You

One of the hazards of living in a metropolitan area with spotty garbage disposal services is trying to find a good place to rent a dumpster, and then determining which dumpster sizes are most appropriate for the needs of your situation.

For regular households this is generally not a big problem unless they live outside of the range of municipal pickup, but when it comes to commercial addresses or construction work this can become a bigger issue. Choosing the right dumpster type and size is key in saving your company money over the long haul.

Fortunately it is fairly easy to find a reliable place to get a dumpster rental in Orlando, but the impetus is on the individual to sort out which dumpster will suit their needs the best.

A retail store or office space can generally survive with organizing a monthly agreement to rent a standard commercial dumpster for fairly cheap but are subject to making sure that the dumping area is clean and orderly to avoid receiving any citations from the city. It is best to order a commercial dumpster with a lock to prevent other people from illegally utilizing your dumpster to dispose of their waste, which will also cost you extra money since the cost of these dumpsters is partially determined by their weight.

However commercial dumpsters are limited in the type of waste they can contain. You cannot dump hazardous materials like oil or certain paints in them, nor construction materials. For these purposes the best dumpster rentals are industrial roll off containers. These sturdy steel dumpsters come in a variety of sizes, generally ranging from about 10 to 40 cubic yards of volume, and are usually temporary rentals rather than a monthly service agreement.

Unlike commercial rentals, most industrial dumpster rentals are priced according to distance from the rental company, the period of time between dropping off the dumpster and picking it up, and the volume of the dumpster selected. They are then picked up at a predetermined date and transported directly to the landfill for the client.

In addition to these commonly used dumpsters there are a number of specialized models available for unusual circumstances. Medical industrial complexes often utilize several small bio-hazard bins to dispose of medical or biological waste, which are then removed by a professional company specializing in biological waste.

Companies that generate a significant amount of chemical or industrial waste will use heavy rubber dumpsters that are resistant to corrosive chemicals and stored in special metal cabinets to keep them out of harms way. These services, however, are generally not provided by common dumpster rental agencies but rather by specialized companies with certification to handle such dangerous and unusual substances.

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