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Can You Dispose of Yard Waste in Rental Dumpsters?

Renting a dumpster can feel like the perfect solution to a major landscaping or yard cleanup project, but before you toss that yard waste into your rental dumpster, you need to know if it’s allowed. Can you throw yard waste into a rental dumpster, or do you have to take care of this waste in another way? At Next Day Dumpsters, we are here to help you know what you can and can’t throw away in the dumpster.

The Truth Behind Yard Waste

Yard waste is something that you can usually throw away, but where you have to toss it will depend on where you live. Some municipalities require you to toss yard waste separately from other trash so it can be composted, while others don’t care. So can you throw yard waste into a rental dumpster? The answer depends on where you are doing your work and renting your dumpster.

For example, if you have dirt from your project, you may not be able to put it in the dumpster. Sometimes you will need a separate dumpster from your lawn and yard waste that is not the same dumpster you use for general garbage.

Yard Waste and Rental Dumpsters

If you’re planning to rent a dumpster, you can toss anything in it that your local landfill will take. Thus, the rental company will need to follow the same rules and regulations that property owners have to follow. One of the best ways to learn what your rules are is to call your local landfill. You can also call your rental company to see what their policies are.

Benefits of Rental Dumpsters for Yard Waste

Why should you pay to rent a dumpster when you’re tackling your yard waste? First, renting a dumpster means you don’t have to mess with yard waste bags or special trash cans. Just rake it all up and toss it in the dumpster. Second, you can more easily deal with your waste at one time. This speeds up the process of getting your yard work done. Finally, when you are done with your yard work, you can trust the dumpster rental company to haul the yard waste away for you.

Let Next Day Dumpsters Help

If you aren’t sure what the rules in your area are, we can help. Our team knows the regulations for all of our service areas, and we can guide you toward the best solution for your trash and waste concerns. Our rental dumpsters can provide an affordable and convenient solution to deal with unwanted yard waste.

If you are getting ready to tackle a yard work project, reach out to Next Day Dumpsters. Let us see if a dumpster rental will help you achieve your goals for your yard conveniently and affordably. With our help, you can get the entire job done quickly, and trust us to take the yard waste away for you at the end of the day.

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