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Commercial Dumpster Best Practices

When renting a commercial dumpster in an urban environment it is important to be careful about dumpster maintenance in order to avoid any unfortunate problems with your waste receptacle, since these can result in frustrating pest control issues or even municipal fines.

Dumpsters that are not carefully maintained and housed properly can draw vermin like rats or flies and contribute to making your business seem run down or unsavory to passing customers, costing you more money than being lax is worth. By following a few simple steps you can avoid all of these problems without spending more time worrying about your dumpster than you absolutely need to.

The biggest concern with renting commercial waste bins is keeping the dumping area clean and free of debris buildup. If you or your staff accidentally drop a random item outside of the dumpster take the time to pick it up and toss it away–the item is not going to get any cleaner between then and the next time you think about disposing of it. Make sure that all items in the dumpster are bagged up, particularly any food or other biodegradable material.

Some dumpster rentals in Tampa will charge you extra for returning a disgusting dumpster to them, so be reasonable with the condition of the dumpster itself. Hose it out from time to time, but avoid using bleach when you clean it. Keeping the dumpster near a sanitary sewer drain is particularly useful in these situations, and also handy to drain away foul smelling substances that may build up underneath the dumpster without one.

Always be aware of the materials you dispose of in your dumpster rental in order to keep it in good condition when you return it. Never dump grease or other liquids in the dumpster, that is only asking for extra charges on the rental. Hazardous material such as oil, gasoline cans, and most paints should be avoided.

Do not use your commercial trash bin for disposing of construction materials such as drywall, roofing materials (particularly shingles and tile with tar), or automobile repair waste like motor oil and batteries that may leak acid. This will result in unfortunate consequences with both the rental company and the city. Remember, the same companies also offer roll off containers for exactly these purposes.

By maintaining the dumpster and its surrounding environment you will keep your business clean and attractive, and simply paying attention to what you dispose of will save you money and trouble with the rental agency.

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