Dumpster Rentals Result in Susan G Komen Donations

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To help raise awareness and money, Next Day Dumpster will donate $5 to the Susan G Komen Foundation for every new dumpster rental costumer. This will kick off our new initiative of community support and participation.

Breast Cancer has long had an effect on our community touching most of us in some way. Thankfully, there are many organizations raising money to assist in prevention, early detection, and most importantly finding a cure. The Susan G Komen Foundation is one of the longest running, most trusted of these organizations. The Next Day Dumpster Family would like to reach out to the parts of our community affected by this devastating illness by partnering with this commendable organization.

In addition to raising money, bringing awareness and an opportunity to talk openly about the disease is one of the most important gifts the Foundation has to give. They provide a forum to discuss self-examination for early detection and provide credible, reliable information to help dispel myths about treatment and the disease. The survival rate continues to climb as early detection and better methods of treatment continue to combat the illness.

One great way for anyone to become involved is to either donate or participate in a “Walk for the Cure” event. They take place all over the country in the fall and spring and there are several coming to some of our surrounding areas. We suggest you head to their website for more information on volunteering or donating.

The Next Day Dumpster Family will begin choosing a different charity every month to team up with and donate to. Keep an eye on our web page for updates each month on how you can help!

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