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Is It Against the Law to Put My Trash in Someone Else’s Dumpster?

Occasionally, it might be tempting to put your trash or junk in someone else’s dumpster. Maybe it’s because you have what seems like just a little bit of waste, and the dumpster appears disused, or you have excess debris that doesn’t fit in your own dumpster. What’s the harm? Here’s the thing: Aside from being highly inconsiderate, it is illegal to put trash in dumpsters on private property — unless you have explicit permission from the dumpster owner.

The exact laws regarding illegal dumping can differ significantly by municipality, but you’re typically looking at a misdemeanor. If caught, you could face hefty fines and even jail time. Needless to say, that kind of trouble will cost you more than just renting a dumpster yourself.

How Can I Prevent Illegal Dumping?

If someone is putting their trash in your dumpster, it can be more than just an inconvenience. Consider these consequences of illegal dumping:

  • Less room to fill it with your own trash, which could lead to needing another dumpster rental.
  • Extra weight may put you over the weight limit, adding further fees to your rental.
  • Potential for dumping hazardous materials, which will also add costs to the total bill.

If you want to avoid these costly results of illegal dumping, there are a few things you can do to dissuade illegal dumpers.

  1. When possible, have the dumpster placed within a fenced area with as much lighting as possible.
  2. When you’re not using the dumpster, cover it up with a tarp and some bungee cords. Illegal dumpers are less likely to target you if it’s less convenient to access the dumpster.
  3. Organize your project so that the dumping is taken care of in as short a window as possible.
  4. Have the dumpster placed as close as possible to your home or building and post a “No Trespassing” sign.

These measures don’t always work, but they are often enough to pause would-be dumpers before they go ahead with their plans.

Illegal Dumping Hurts Everyone

Putting your trash in someone else’s dumpster is not worth going against the law and risking legal consequences. If you’ve got junk you need to get rid of fast, do the right thing and call Next Day Dumpsters to choose the size that’s right for your needs. We’ll always provide fair, upfront pricing so you can rest assured you won’t incur any unexpected fees for your rental.

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