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Where You Should Not Place Your Rental Dumpster

When it comes to roll-off dumpster rental, placement is critical. Whether you’re cleaning out your basement or preparing for a renovation project, you need to be sure your dumpster is in an area that’s safe and not subject to legal issues. While your driveway is typically the obvious choice for dumpster placement, sometimes that isn’t possible. Here are three places to stay away from when placing a rental dumpster.

1. Areas With an Incline

Empty dumpsters can seem fine on a slope. They may appear to be solidly fixed on the ground, but you’ll find that changes as you or your crew continue to pile heavy materials inside. The more weight the bin bears, the more likely it becomes that the dumpster will begin to slide down the incline. This problem becomes more likely during winter, when ice may form on the street.

If you’re unsure whether your proposed dumpster site is too sloped to be safe, call Next Day Dumpsters at 888-616-3495, so we can evaluate your situation.

2. Someone Else’s Property

Putting your dumpster over the property line is a recipe for litigation and worsened relationships between you and your neighbor. It raises issues about who is responsible for hazardous materials or harmful activity and is generally just a rude thing to do.

You should also find out what permits are needed to place dumpsters on city streets in your area. You may need a paid permit to allow the dumpster to stay on the road for more than 24 hours. Even when placing a permitted dumpster on the street, it’s still courteous to let your neighbors know what’s going on for everyone’s peace of mind.

Next Day Dumpsters can let you know what permits are needed to place a dumpster on your street. Just give us a call at 888-616-3495 to find out.

3. Unstable Ground

Not many people know what’s going on underground beneath their property. Things like underground sprinklers or a septic tank can result in softer-than-expected ground, which isn’t suitable to handle the weight of a roll-off dumpster.

Let Next Day Dumpsters Take Care of Placement

At Next Day Dumpsters, we consider the things you might not — like where we can place your dumpster for optimal safety and with all appropriate legal requirements — no matter which size dumpster you need, we can figure out how to make it work.

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