Clear Your Mind by Clearing out Clutter with these 10 Tips

Our Take

Everyone has their own tips on how to declutter your home. You see them everywhere you look online. Did you ever stop to think why? Of course one reason is probably because no one has time to keep their home picked up and clean anymore. Another reason could be that a clutter free home is good for your mind and health. Just think back to the last time you tripped over something in your entry way or couldn’t find something you needed when trying to race out the door. These types of situations can add a lot of unneeded stress to your every day life. By the taking the time to create a clutter free, or at lest less cluttered, home can take away stress and lead to happier life. Start your decluttering by getting rid of unwanted items before they even make it into you house. For example junk mail or that free t-shirt you will never wear. Another great idea is to take a few minutes every day and just scan for clutter. When you see it, pick it up. Waiting to put away all clutter at once can become overwhelming. Get rid of your duplicate items every time you notice them as well. Do you really need 25 coffee mugs when only two people in your house drink coffee? It helps to get yourself on a schedule too. This won’t allow clutter to ever build up in your home again. Keep reading below to learn about that rest of the tips that will keep you home clutter free.

Countless families are bedeviled by household clutter; the most common clutter hot spots are children’s bedrooms, home offices, attics, and garages, professional organizers say. What does it take to create a clutter-free space? Here are 10 key home organization strategies from three top organizers.

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