Trash from Bad Tenants

As a landlord you’ll frequently end up cleaning after tenants even though you don’t want to. It comes with the territory: people don’t always respect even their own homes, and when they’re renting someone else’s, they can be pretty hard on it. In a normal situation a little cleaning spray and a couple hours of elbow grease will do the job, but sometimes tenants will leave heaps of garbage or even damage the building itself. How do you even start cleaning up a mess like that?

In a case like this, roll off dumpsters are your friend. A roll off dumpster is the kind of dumpster you see at construction sites. They are delivered on the backs of tricks, which tilt up to roll them off right at your doorstep (or wherever you want them). You fill them up, and when you’re done, the truck comes to collect them. It’s one of the easiest ways to deal with a large mess. However, I’ve noticed a lot of landlords don’t think of doing this. It seems to come down to two reasons: cost and size.

The cost of a dumpster is not high. Dumpster rentals Raleigh are some of the most affordable in the country. Dumpster rental, which used to be aimed at just contractors, is now common among small businesses, landlords and regular homeowners.

There are a wide range of prices range to fit most budgets. As a landlord, remember that you can include the cost of the dumpster (and any other cleaning costs) in the amount you deduct from a security deposit, so the tenant is the one paying, not you. Even if the tenant did not pay a security deposit they are still liable, though you may have to go to court to get paid.

Size is another consideration. Many people picture the giant thirty foot long dumpsters at major construction projects and think they would never need that. They probably don’t! But dumpsters come in many sizes all the way down to a volume of just ten yards. This is ideal for cleaning out a house before moving – or cleaning up after a tenant who didn’t so it themselves.

No one enjoys spending a weekend cleaning up after bad tenants, but it comes with business of land lording. What you can control is how quickly & easily you get the waste off the property – and the most hassle free way is definitely to rent a dumpster.

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