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How Do You Clean & Organize a Hoarder’s House?

Cleaning and organizing the home or property of a hoarder can feel like a daunting task. When there’s an overwhelming amount of clutter and trash, clearing everything out can feel impossible. However, with our tips and tricks, you can approach the job methodically and make quick work of the project!

Be Prepared & Bring the Right Supplies

Addressing a hoarding situation requires more preparation and supplies than your ordinary spring cleaning. Before you get started, make sure you come prepared with the appropriate supplies:

  • Manpower: This is a task that you cannot handle on your own. It’s essential to have other willing participants so you can keep the project moving forward. You’ll likely have to remove furniture from the home, which will require multiple people as well.
  •  Gloves, masks, pants, and long sleeves: You may encounter dirty and possibly hazardous substances while cleaning up the property. Be sure to wear protective clothing and gear to keep yourself safe during the process.
  •  Disinfectants and sanitizers: Once you’ve removed the trash and clutter, you will need to clean and disinfect the home and all its surfaces. Accumulated debris leads to bacteria, mold, and germs, so you want to be sure you are thoroughly cleaning the property.
  •  Dumpster: With a hoarding situation, it’s crucial to have a dumpster on hand like those from Next Day Dumpsters. This not only allows the hoarder to make immediate and actionable decisions, but it also takes the stress out of transporting and disposing of trash.

Clear Out the Trash First

The first step in any hoarder home cleanup is to remove junk and trash. Depending on the severity of the hoarding situation, most (if not all) of the clutter may need to be thrown out for safety reasons. As things become layered and homes become so filled that they cannot be cleaned regularly or effectively, bacteria and animals like rats and roaches become real problems. It’s not long before the home is infested and contaminated.

For this reason, it’s best to be prepared with a rented dumpster from Next Day Dumpsters. This will make quick work of an extensive and comprehensive cleanout.

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Clean & Sanitize Your Floors & Surfaces

After years of hoarding, the floors and surfaces will probably be covered in debris, even after you clean up all the trash. It’s advisable to hire professional cleaners to clean, disinfect, and steam your floors and carpet. In extreme hoarding cases, you may need to replace the flooring completely. Contact a flooring professional or local contractor if you’re not sure if the floor is safe to keep.

Replace Furniture & Fabrics

After the cleaning process is complete, you’ll need to assess the state of furniture and mattresses. Soft and plush surfaces such as couches, beds, and even rugs and curtains absorb odors, mold, and dirt in more permanent ways than hard surfaces like plastic, quartz, and laminate. When in doubt, throw it out! You don’t want to keep infested or contaminated objects in a clean and decontaminated home. This is another reason it’s so helpful to have a rented dumpster right on-site!

Next Day Dumpsters Can Help

Next Day Dumpsters offers quality dumpster rentals, with multiple sizes available to meet the needs of any cleanout! With exceptional customer service and generous rental periods, Next Day Dumpsters can make cleaning out a hoarder’s home a simple task.

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