Top 9 Home Energy Suckers

While consumers are eager to upgrade to new computers and phones, the poor thermostat is one household device that gets ignored despite its central role in the home. While it’s not the thermostat itself gobbling up energy, it can be a pain to control, allowing heating to remain on even when no one’s home. New…

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Category: Green Living Sustainability

Get Out and Garden, It’s Good for your Health!

Did you know that gardening can be very good for your health? Aside from the natural Vitamin D that you likely think of when enjoying outdoor gardening, there are other vitamins you gain when participating in gardening activities which can diminish your stress levels and help you live a longer, healthier life. Read More at…

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Category: Landscaping

You’ll Definitely Want To Eat These Foods Rescued From Dumpsters

To demonstrate just how delectable thrown out food can be, photographer Aliza Eliazarov set out to take pictures of fruits, vegetables and other items in dumpsters around Brooklyn and Harlem, New York. Often, edible foods are discarded because there’s confusion surrounding the expiration dates or they don’t meet the industry’s “beauty standards.” Read More at…

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Category: Dumpster

Throw the Ultimate 4th of July Bash

Easy now. With sparklers to light, this is no time to fuss in the kitchen. Consider baked beans you don’t have to bake. Or tap into a versatile marinade that goes with whatever your pleasure: ribs, chicken, or pork roast. Too complicated? Hot dogs will do — because frankly, franks are just perfect for the…

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Category: Home Decor
Summer DIY Projects

Summer Home Conversions to Inspire Updates in Your Home

Summer is a season of relaxing, enjoying the sun and just having fun. But summer is also a great time to tackle some home transformations that may add value or space to your home or that may just make your house a more fun place to be. If you love to entertain at home, but…

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Category: DIY

Safety Comes First, Tips for your DIY Home Improvement

As the weather continues to get nicer, people are heading outside and working on home improvement projects. Unfortunately, emergency rooms see a rise in patients injuring themselves in ways that were completely preventable during this time of year too. While I can’t cover every possible scenario in this post, there are definitely some very common…

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Category: DIY

Demolition for your Home Renvoation, the Smart Way

After our real-estate agent, Chander Chaddah, closed the deal on our first fixer-upper, he became our unofficial renovation guru. He not only helps people buy and sell homes, he’s a serial renovator who has worked on many of his own home renos (check out the beautiful cottage he’s building). Over coffee one Saturday morning, he…

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Category: DIY

Get You Yard Summer Ready with 5 Fresh Fence Ideas

Everyone’s heard of the “white picket fence”, but the reality is that that is only one of the possibilities open to those looking to add a little more privacy to their properties. In fact, with all the options available, you may be wondering how best to bring your outdoor design to life. If you need…

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Category: DIY

Giving Garage Sale Finds a New Life

It’s after Memorial day, which means you can no longer drive down the road without seeing a garage sale sign, a flea market, or even just random free items on the curb. Some of you never give those signs a second glance or thought, while others are nervous they won’t get up early enough to…

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Category: DIY
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