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How Many Dumpsters Do You Need To Demolish a House?

Demolishing a home is a massive project. You may be busy thinking about the demolition process only, but it’s also important to consider your need for dumpsters for debris removal. So, how many dumpsters will you need?

This guide will discuss the typical size of dumpsters and how many you may need for a home demolition project.

Dumpster Shapes and Sizes for a Home Demolition

There are a few different types and sizes of dumpsters, each offering a unique amount of space for debris. The two most common types of dumpsters include:

  • Roll-Off Dumpsters: These are the most common dumpsters used for a demolition project. These large dumpsters range from 10 to 20 feet long and provide a lot of space.
  • Commercial Dumpsters: These are more common dumpsters for restaurants and small businesses. They can easily be picked up by specialty garbage trucks for quick and easy emptying.

Depending on the size of your project, a roll-off or commercial dumpster may be right for you. Most often, though, a roll-off dumpster will be best.

Dumpster size is also important to consider when choosing a dumpster. Most roll-off dumpsters have the same depth and width but can be designed at varying lengths. The longer the dumpster, the more space you’ll have for debris and garbage.

Calculating the Number of Dumpsters for Your Project

It can be tough to calculate the size and quantity of dumpsters you need for your home demolition. Here is an example that can help:

  • You are demolishing a 2,000-square-foot house measuring 40 by 25 by 20.
  • One-third of the home is air space with no physical material to demolish.
  • Multiplying the house dimensions and air space together, then dividing by 27 results in 244 cubic feet of material.
  • Divide 244 cubic feet by the cubic capacity of a rental dumpster to determine how many dumpsters you will need.

It’s a good idea to rent an extra dumpster or two for a whole-home demolition to ensure enough space. The materials won’t perfectly fill every inch of the containers, after all.

Be Sure To Coordinate Your Demolition & Dumpster Rental

Planning your demolition project in detail is crucial before it’s time to start. Make sure you choose a demolition company and schedule them for days that work for you. Confirm the demolition dates before scheduling dumpster drop-off and pickup dates.

You may want to have your dumpsters arrive a day before the demolition begins and rent them until a day after the project is scheduled to end. That way, you can ensure you’re ready for any scheduling issues that may arise.

Schedule Dumpster Rental From Next Day Dumpsters

At Next Day Dumpsters, we want to ensure your demolition project goes as smoothly as possible. It’s our goal to ensure that you have the space you need to haul away all the materials you want to be removed. With our help, you can rest assured that your project will go smoothly.

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