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Tips For An Efficient Dumpster Rental Experience

There are many different projects both at home and on the job that might require a dumpster rental. Once you have decided to rent one, it is a good idea to get a bit more knowledge on the ‘Ins and Outs’ of what you have rented and how to get the best use out of it. Here, we will answer a couple of Dumpster FAQ’s that focuses on getting the best use out of your roll off rental.

Once you have decided on a size and booked your rental, we come to our first Dumpster FAQ; “Where will I put my dumpster?” You will want to designate a clear space slightly larger than the dumpster that is accessible by truck, as this is how your trash dumpster will be delivered. It is important that the land is firm and can handle the weight of the Truck, Dumpster and waste materials. Also try to think strategically with its placement. Consider your dumpster’s proximity to the job at hand. Make sure there is a clear path for hauling either by hand or wheelbarrow.

When your dumpster is loaded and ready to be picked up, the waste materials can be stacked no higher than the walls of the dumpster. Items should be flat with weight distributed as evenly as possible.  If there is a lot of shifting of items or items sticking out above the walls, you may need to jump in and restack your materials before it is picked up. However this can all be avoided by answering our most important Dumpster FAQ; “How do I properly load my waste managment dumpster?”

Keeping the loading door open, walk or wheel everything all the way to the “back” of the dumpster and pile it as level as possible. There should not be any open pockets of space within the stack. It is those pockets that can cause items to shift dangerously when it is picked up, over even worse, while you are still loading it. Plus pockets waste important space for your materials. Try to get the stack as high as you can without it tumbling down or reaching the top of the bin. Then continue filing it in this same manner while moving closer to the loading door.

Eventually you will find yourself with only a small gap between a large amount of garbage and the door. At this point it is a good idea to close up the loading door and use a ladder to continue filling in the opening left at that end. When the roll off dumpster is picked up, it is tilted at a sharp angle while it is winched onto the truck’s body. The loading door will be at the bottom of this angle. Try to save some large items that you can still easily lift over the side of the dumpster to fill up the empty space. This will cut down on the amount of shifting and the possibility of having to restack items in the dumpster.

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