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Roof Removal Requires More than A Dumpster Rental

As every homeowner knows, the condition of the home’s roof is essential to the quality and safety of the remaining structure. It is also the part of the home that can take the biggest hits from strong weather and storm debris. Keeping up throughout the season with the removal of leaves and fallen branches will allow you to get the most out of your roof before it needs replacing.

When deciding to replace your roof, it is important to decide how much of it will need to be replaced. Often, especially if you are getting to it before it is in really bad shape, you can work on smaller sections over 2 or 3 seasons, allowing for a less overwhelming job. However, sometimes it is necessary to jump in and get the whole thing done in one season. Here, we will outline important tools to have on hand before you begin.

After surveying the size of the project, Dumpster Rentals should be one of your first stops. Pretty much everything that you will be removing from the roof will be waste materials; old singles, staples and collected debris from trees or even neighbors (ie, Frisbee, baseball, etc.) This allows you to collect all of your waste into one contained area while you are working. Dumpster Rental companies will be able to help you determine the right type and size of dumpster for your project.

You will want to have 2 ladders on hand. Since you will be working from a considerable height, it is often a good idea to have a second ladder secured as an exit in case something should happen to the first. You will be dealing with a lot of sharp nails, tacks and staples, so a strong pair of work gloves is also recommended. It is a good idea to throw on a pair of safety goggles and a hard hat as well if you have one available. Finally, if you will be working from a high height, a safety harness could be helpful.

In addition to your dumpster rental, safety gear and regular carpentry tools, there are 3 shingle removing tools you will want on hand; a Shingle Scraper or Roof Shovel, a Pry Bar, and a Pitchfork. They are outlined in more detail here: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/essential-roof-removal-tools#.UjnYrzbD_IV.

As is true with any project, remember to stay well hydrated and take breaks. Make smart choices that expend less energy. When renting your dumpster, make sure it is placed close to the house so that you can easily throw waste directly into the dumpster from the roof. Also, make sure tools are secured either to you or the roof so they do not slip out of reach, or fall to the ground.

For more information about renting a dumpster for your roof removal check our dumpster rental page.

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