removing old landscape

Removing Old Landscaping the Right Way

Our Take

Maybe you bought a new house or maybe you just never had interest in spending time on your lawn and landscape before. Whatever the reason, if the yard around you home needs a little love what better time is there to start then now. The first step will be to remove the old, dead and unappealing sod or landscaping. You might want to consider renting a dumpster for this step depending on how much sod or old bushes you plan on taking out. You will be surprised by the amount a garbage you will have during this process. Not having the proper plan to take care of it can slow up the rest of your project. You can also see if your local garden center will take your old sod. Once you have the old yard out of your way you can proceed to put in the new one. For landscaping you can work with a professional on a design or head to your local garden center and pick up an array of plants that you like. If you are putting in new sod check out the article below. It will take you through the proper steps of replacing your lawn from step one of how to properly remove the sod all the way to taking care of your new sod once it has been laid. Yard work is hard work, which may be why you have been avoiding it all these years. But it is also very satisfying work when you are done.

We used a demolition derby to simulate the wear and tear a lawn can go though over a few years. After it was all over, we pulled up the old sod and laid down new sod. See how we did it.

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