Dumpster Divine: 12 Flashy Trashy Artistic Dumpsters

Our Take

Our orange dumpsters get noticed in people’s driveways for their bright orange color, these 12 dumpsters got noticed around cities in America for the works of art that have been created on them. Our dumpsters are “decorated” with our logo and contact information, these artists did so much more. They let their imaginations run wild and used paint to do the talking. With a range of unique designs, the dumpsters are each one of a kind. Everything from pop culture to patriotism to graphic design, they are all represented in these urban works of art. Our favorite one may be the dumpster that looks like a little yellow school bus. You will have to tell us which one you like best. These dumpsters can be found in cities around the country, bringing beauty to an object that is often hid behind a building. While some of the designs seem like quick moments in time, others look like they were thought out and executed over a period of time. You have to wonder if each artist was trying to make a statement or just create something visually interesting out of an object most people look past every day.

Dumpsters may be grungy, grotty, gross-smelling garbage holders but these ubiquitous urban trash bins positively bloom just by adding a little art. Our lead image comes courtesy of Flickr user Biafra Inc., and at first glance one wonders whether the dumpster is really that tiny or the photographer is utilizing some keen perspective manipulation.

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