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Efficiently Fill a Dumpster

You have decided it is time to complete that home renovation project, tear down that old shed, or clean out your crowded garage. Whatever the project may be, you have taken the first step. You set aside time to complete it. Second you have rented a dumpster and it is now sitting outside of your house. It doesn’t take a genius to fill a dumpster. You take the items you no longer want and throw them into it. However, we can offer some tips on how to fill it more efficiently. After all, you want to get your money’s worth and get as much of your junk into the dumpster that you can.

Our first tip is to break things down as much as you can before putting them in the dumpster. Bulkier items not only take up more space, small pieces allow you to squeeze them into little nooks and crannies. If you do have bulkier items that cannot be broken down, place them in the bottom of the dumpster so you can take smaller items and fit them in around the bigger ones.

Another tip is to put squishy items like boxes, foam and other flat items in the very bottom of the dumpster, under the bulky items. They will get smashed down by the heavier items, which will result in them taking up less space.

A third tip is to walk or wheel everything to the back of your dumpster at the beginning and try to keep your garbage as level as possible. This will keep it from shifting and falling. Filling in all the gaps will also help avoid the shifting. By doing this you are ensuring that the garbage will not fall on you as you work and will not fall out of the container when it is picked up.

When the dumpster is almost full and there is only a small amount of space between the garbage and the back door, close the door and start filling the dumpster from the top. If you can’t reach the top, grab a ladder and make sure it is secure before climbing up it with your garbage in hand.

Using these tips will help you have a better dumpster experience. It will also make sure you don’t waste space or get injured by shifting garbage. Good luck with your project!

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